OLITEMA is an industrial reality with production headquarters in Italy, operating within theFoundry Alfe Chem group, which has been in the field of lubrication and chemical auxiliaries for industrial machining and processes for many years.

Our research and development, production, logistics, the sales area and technical and administrative departments are committed to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

We work both domestically and internationally.

From the Foundry and alloy treatment, to the finished product through exclusive specialized knowledge of individual production processes.


Olitema was born from Foundry Alfe CHEM ‘s Technological Area: from Foundry and alloy treatment, to the knowledge of aluminum in all its process phases and compatible chemistry for the best operational performance in operation.
The ‘goal is to combine a high level of performance of lubricants and auxiliary chemical products used in industrial processes and workings with the maximum guarantees related to hygiene and safety conditions in the workplace and the protection and respect for the environment.
Our products are conceived, studied and developed through maximum integration with biodegradable raw materials of our own production, sourced from renewable sources, and capable of abating and certifying the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.

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Olitema is the Brand under which the AUTOMOTIVE Lubricants line is marketed.

Olitema directly produces synthetic lubricant BASES from natural resources, through exclusive technologies and processes, which it uses to make finished products with superior and Sustainable performance.
In light of the profound changes that are shaping the automotive industry and the major political and economic challenges in the sector, OLITEMA develops and makes available to users its technology and experience in the world of lubrication and innovative and sustainable raw materials.


In light of the profound changes that are characterising the automotive industry and the major political and economic challenges in the sector, OLITEMA develops and makes its technology and experience in the world of lubrication available to users through the use of its own innovative and sustainable raw materials.

The expertise and research of the group, a leader in aluminum transformation processes and a major player in the Automotive world, have enabled it to realize the necessary formulation knowledge to enhance performance and sustainability. Our products help to drastically reduce CO2 emissions and environmental impact.
Green Chemistry and Circular Economy : it can be done!


Olitema originates from Foundry Alfe Chem, etymology and history

Olitema Etimologia

An explosion from which our vision of enterprise originates, which is Life because it is connected to the existence of the universe and the conscious balance of the elements.

The Theme guiding our journey is introduced by ANASSAGORA in Athens in 500 BCE; his was the intuition of an ordered Chaos according to a Cosmic intelligence of its own, carrying the seeds of life in close interdependent relationship with the whole system. The sum of these relationships, which bind the universes of matter, psyche, and biology is a web: “all things are together” and “all things are in all things.”

Olitema Etimologia

The three-alpha process is the process whereby three helium nuclei (α particle) are eventually transformed into carbon after a complex series of nuclear reactions that go through the synthesis of beryllium-8.

That the stable existence of carbon depends on energy levels of atomic nuclei placed exactly at the point and with the necessary value, was inspired with the discrimination of its biological purpose then framing it in planetary biochemical genesis: the NOUS of ANASSAGORA.

Olitema Etimologia

The composition and chemistry of the atmosphere are important for many reasons, but first and foremost regarding the interactions between the atmosphere and living organisms.

They have been modified by anthropogenic activity, and some of these changes are detrimental to human health, crops, and ecosystems. Atmospheric Chemistry is part of the Earth System and together with the biosphere and geosphere is a fundamental pillar for the development of a sustainable world.


Olitema Etimologia