Improving the productivity of an industrial vehicle means extending its maintenance intervals, reducing fuel consumption, and extending engine service life. These are just some of the factors that inspire our technical teams to formulate lubricants that offer real added value to our Customers’ businesses.

With OLITEMA’s complete range of advanced technology engine oils, transmission fluids, antifreeze and greases, you will be sure to always use the right product for every application.
That way your vehicles will consistently give you the best possible performance.

In light of technological advances in modern diesel engines and the increasingly stringent emission regulations required, the role of engine oil has become critical in meeting these goals.
In addition, for owners and operators of all commercial vehicles, efficiency and reliability mean time and money. On a daily basis, you need to be sure that your vehicles are at the top of their game and that unexpected failures do not occur. Minimizing unplanned downtime is critical for business continuity and meeting delivery schedules.


To meet these needs, OLITEMA has developed a range of advanced diesel engine oils that can reduce frictional resistance and protect against corrosion and wear, improve sealing properties, contribute to engine cooling, and reduce the suspension of harmful combustion byproducts.

Our range of products for commercial vehicle engines includes lubricants designed for:

  • Help extend oil change intervals
  • Helping to improve fuel efficiency in trucks
  • Keeping the engine clean
  • Provide excellent protection from wear and tear
  • Be compliant with emission regulations


We know how important it is that your bike is always at the top of its game.

MOTO - Olitema - Special Project

Our engineers have developed a specific engine oil for each type of motorcycle and its engine. This will keep friction and overheating under control, improving performance and acceleration.

Motorcycle engines work much harder than automobile engines: higher revolutions and more power than virtually any other type of automobile. So whether your motorcycle has a 2-stroke or a 4-stroke engine, it will certainly have to deal with intense efforts.That’s why it’s important to check the oil level regularly and adhere to the manufacturers’ prescribed change times; but it will be even more important for you to choose and use the right oil for your bike, a lubricant that protects the engine from seizing under the most extreme riding conditions and allows for fast, effortless starts.

OLITEMA is the range of high-performance lubricants for motorcycles, designed and developed with all these aspects in mind, the right oil for your motorcycle, designed to combine together performance, safety and reliability of your motorcycle whenever you need it.



Agro industry is part of our world in OLITEMA.

Therefore, we have developed extensive knowledge of the equipment and needs required in this critically important sector. Being close to agricultural enterprises enables us to understand all their challenges and needs. This is the key information for us at OLITEMA and has always contributed to the development of our agricultural products.

OLITEMA’s range of products for agriculture is specifically designed to meet the needs of Sustainability and respect for the Environment, ensuring maximum lubrication of agricultural machinery. So whether it’s engine oil, transmission fluid or any other specialty product, OLITEMA has the right solution for you. Our priority remains the same: to offer products suited to your needs, with performance and specifications that help your vehicle operate efficiently and last longer.


NAUTICA - Olitema

From OLITEMA’s research comes the marine lubricant line, designed to cater to all pleasure boats, from yachts to inflatable boats to jet skis, equipped with inboard and outboard 2- and 4-stroke engines.

  • The Special BASES used allow for high Biodegradability ( >70% at OECD 301f test), enabling a significant reduction in the impact on aquatic life.
  • The special “ashless” formulation designed to reduce the formation of carbon deposits in the engine ensures optimal operation and better performance.
  • Synthetic bases and antioxidant additives ensure an extended change interval.
  • The special additives developed protect against wear and salt corrosion phenomena typical of the marine environment by ensuring maximum protection of the engine’s internal components.
  • Good cleansing and dispersing properties keep all engine organs in perfect working order, promoting longer engine life.


AUTO - Olitema

Modern passenger vehicle engine oils that meet the requirements of vehicle manufacturers already offer high performance in use. However, the loads to which lubricating oils are subjected are increasing dramatically, for example, due to the effects of engine design downsizing. The thermal conditions under which engines must operate reliably at all times are also becoming increasingly extreme.

In addition, there are new energy-saving technologies such as stop/start systems that have special requirements in terms of the starting characteristics and lubrication reliability of an engine oil. For this reason, it is even more important that the oil reaches the lubrication point quickly where it is needed.

Finally, the need to make the industrial effort of the Automotive industry synergistic with Lubrication chemistry has led us to develop a new engine oil technology; environmentally friendly and with low environmental impact, offering long-term stable power reserves in operation.

The advantage of the new base oil technology, researched and fine-tuned by OLITEMA, lies in its Biodegradable properties and optimized viscosity behavior under temperature change. Compared with conventional base oils, the new OLITEMA technology boasts a particularly high viscosity index and high detergency.

The outstanding features of OLITEMA motor oil:

  • Improved cold start behavior: up to 60% faster lubrication time and up to 40% faster start-up time.
  • Reduced fuel consumption.
  • Oil consumption reduced by up to 20%
  • Improved stability against aging, reduced wear:
  • Improved performance and greater operational reliability during and beyond the oil change interval.
  • Better protection with E10: The ethanol component in the new E10 automotive fuel is able to form acids due to oxidation, which can, in turn, cause corrosion and wear.
  • As the Automobile industry has evolved, power transmissions have become increasingly complex. For this reason, lubricating fluid technology has also had to develop at the same pace, in order to provide products that are more and more technologically advanced, and capable of ensuring efficiency and reliability in operation.
    Automatic transmission involves electrical system, mechanical systems, hydraulic components and computer processors to return optimal shifting on all gears and transfer engine power to the drive wheels efficiently and effectively.
    Manual transmission fluids play a vital role in the operation of the transmission because they keep it lubricated by protecting it from overheating and wear.

    If you use an unsuitable or deteriorated fluid, your transmission is very likely to run into problems, such as gear hardness, gear tooth wear, and finally, the possibility of irreversible damage to components.
    Using the most suitable oil for your transmission thus becomes critical for it to function as designed, and for it to maintain performance throughout the vehicle’s life cycle.
    OLITEMA offers a complete range of power transmission products to fully meet your automobile’s requirements.With OLITEMA transmission and axle fluids, you can drive with confidence, certain of the performance and safety of your engine and transmission.

  • The brake system is an essential component of any automobile. Therefore, brake fluid is itself an essential element. It must resist moisture that can cause brake failure due to the “vapor lock” phenomenon, protect against corrosion, and withstand high operating temperatures.

    Choosing the right brake fluid for the car’s requirements and replacing it at the right time is critical to safety. OLITEMA‘s range of brake fluids includes high-performance products that cope with severe driving conditions and provide a greater margin of safety.

  • OLITEMA has the right hydraulic fluid for your fleet. That’s why we offer a wide range of products designed to protect and improve the efficiency of hydraulic systems.

    OLITEMA has developed a range of hydraulic fluids that meet the performance standards required by manufacturers (OEMs).

    Our products offer:

    • Improved oxidation stability to respond to higher operating temperatures;
    • Optimal air release, foam control, and water separation for smaller tanks and shorter cycles;
    • Improved wet and dry filterability due to increased resistance to oxidation;
    • Improved hydrolytic stability to preserve oil when water is present;
    • Extended pump service life in operation according to the most stringent performance requirements
      Extended change intervals, requiring the lubricant’s ability to retain original performance longer.

  • The cooling system of an automobile is one of the most important components. A significant number of engine failures are due to cooling system malfunctions. Proper care of the cooling system reduces downtime and inevitable repair costs. The use of the correct dilution for the climate in which the car operates is essential to ensure total protection.

    OLITEMA offers a premium, long-lasting concentrated antifreeze developed specifically for modern, high-performance aluminum engines. It provides maximum protection against corrosion, freezing and overheating and prevents fouling, sediment and cavitation in the engine and cooling system.

  • For SCR systems with NOX reducing additives.

    AdBlue is a nitrogen oxide reduction additive created from urea and distilled water. It is colorless, clear, slightly acrid, a liquid with an ammonium odor with a nominal urea concentration of 32.5 percent. The product contains no regenerated bases.

    Solvent-based engine wash fluid

    A solvent-based degreasing fluid that provides effective cleaning of vehicle chassis or chassis, engines, components or parts, heavy agricultural and power machinery, railroad tanks and underground storage tanks contaminated with oil, grease or bitumen. It also enables the removal of chip fragments from machined metal parts.

    Water-based engine wash fluid

    This is a water-based degreasing fluid that provides effective and rapid cleaning of metal surfaces, vehicle substructures, engine components or parts, tools, storage and transport tanks, cisterns, shop floors and tiles contaminated with oil, grease or other hard-to-remove contaminants and debris. It is also excellent for degreasing machined and treated components, prior to further operations, with temporary corrosion protection agents.


    • Cleaning of vehicle surfaces contaminated with oil, grease and Bitumen;
    • Cleaning of railroad tank cars and underground tanks
    • Cleaning of factories and tile surfaces;
    • Degreasing of slabs treated with temporary preventive oil, prior to processing.

Due to their natural neutralizing ability and stability to oxidation, the new OLITEMA engine oils are the ideal combination to cope with this phenomenon by offering additional protection for the engine