Foundry Alfe Chem acquires BP Castrol plant in Cornaredo (MI)

Foundry Alfe Chem acquisisce lo stabilimento BP Castrol di Cornaredo (MI)

Foundry Alfe Chem acquires BP Castrol plant in Cornaredo (MI)

Foundry Alfe Chem acquires BP Castrol plant in Cornaredo (MI)

  • The historic plant on the outskirts of Milan has been sold by multinational BP Castrol to Foundry Alfe Chem, an Italian company that has been involved in the lubrication industry for more than twenty years.
  • This Made in Italy operation opens up new prospects for the supply of quality products at the Italian and European level

In February, the acquisition of the BP Castrol plant at 12 Via Verona in Cornaredo (MI) was finalized by Foundry Alfe Chem. (

The process involved the entire area dedicated to the production of automotive lubricants, the warehouse and outdoor area in addition to the office building and laboratories, and covers the entire Business Branch comprising the complete Technological, Production and Structural Area.

With this transaction, Foundry Alfe Chem is also a major partner for third-party customers who want quality, customized lubricant products made to high production standards recognized by automakers and professional operators.

The Cornaredo plant thus becomes part of the Foundry Alfe Chem Group, which in 2010 also acquired from BP Castrol the production plant in Mappano (TO) dedicated to industry.

“With this operation,” said Gianni Rizzuto, president of Foundry Alfe Chem, “we have expanded our offer of quality products in the lubrication landscape, both industrial and automotive. It is an important investment that symbolizes the interest still alive in a sector that is undergoing strong changes and where large multinationals are devoting themselves to other forms of business. By bringing together the Cornaredo and Mappano plants, we wanted to give a strong signal of how Italian entrepreneurship is still interested in developing industrial projects in our country.”

Foundry Alfe CHEM is a Made in Italy low environmental impact industrial reality with headquarters in Mappano (TO) and production facilities in Turin, Milan and Lecce in Italy, Monterrey in Mexico and Shanghai in China. It has been operating for more than 15 years in the field of lubrication and chemical auxiliaries for industrial machining and processes. Through the Olitema brand, Foundry Alfe CHEM has also been present since 2021 in the automotive sector with green products made using synthetic bases instead of petroleum derivatives.

The name Foundry Alfe Chem is meant to represent an explosion from which the peculiar enterprise vision originates, which is Life because it is connected to the existence of the universe and the conscious balance of the elements.