8 March, Women’s Day, Olitema renews support for the women’s five-a-side football team Wonder5 Calcio Leinì

8 March, Women’s Day, Olitema renews support for the women’s five-a-side football team Wonder5 Calcio Leinì

Olitema, on International Women’s Day, renews its support for the women’s five-a-side football team Wonder5 Calcio Leinì, with which it shares several values including the courage to overcome challenges in order to continue heading, step by step, towards what one would like to be and one’s goals.

The partnership between the main sponsor Olitema Motor Oil, specialised in the production and marketing of green lubricants for the automotive sector, and Wonder 5 Calcio Leinì, a women’s 5-a-side football team, which trains and plays at the A.S.D. Calcio Leinì pitches, a few kilometres from Olitema’s headquarters, has been renewed for the 2023/2024 season. A group of 14 girls, of all ages, united by the same great passion: 5-a-side football and inspired by Wonder Woman, from whom they would like to borrow super powers to reconcile study, work, family and the sport they practise, at a competitive level.

Olitema confirms its support on Women’s Day, reaffirming the sharing of important values, with the Wonders: theambition to always go further, in the research and development of new chemical products that are more and more innovative and eco-sustainable, as well as in the prejudices and obstacles that a woman footballer often encounters; in looking ahead, to the future and to one’s own objectives, those of the company, as well as those of our girls, not giving up and doing somersaults to reconcile, study, work, family and sport, and finally, performance, because in sport as in lubricants, the continuous improvement of performance is synonymous with success.

Currently in third place in the Uisp Women’s 5-a-side Football Championship, round B, with seven matches won and three lost, the Wonders continue their training under the guidance of Coach Giuseppe Maida and his collaborators, in order to face the most difficult matches in the best possible way, especially the one against the women’s Juventus.

Gianni Rizzuto, president of Foundry Alfe Chem, commented on the renewal of the partnership with Wonder5:

“Olitema promotes products that reduce environmental impact, thus supporting the adoption of virtuous and healthy lifestyles. Sport is an area where these values can be found, and I am particularly proud to espouse the cause of these girls, who were self-financed until two years ago, to keep going, with sacrifices and good will, making themselves available and being an example for those who dream of a ball to chase, a dream to realise, and working every day so that those around them can support them and not be an obstacle. Sport does not only train the body, but also courage… the courage to take a step towards what we would like to be and towards our goals. This is why Olitema stands by the athletes and in particular these passionate and courageous girls.”

About Wonder5:

Wonder5 is a women’s 5-a-side football team that trains and plays at the A.S.D. Calcio Leinì grounds. A group of 14 girls, of all ages, united by their passion for him, the ball. Thanks to five-a-side football, they find each other, train, have fun and try to do better and better, on and off the field!

Wonder5 is supported by Olitema Motor Oil as main sponsor and by AutoTecnica srl.

About Foundry Alfe Chem & Olitema

Foundry Alfe CHEM is an industrial reality “Made in Italy” with low environmental impact with headquarters in Mappano (TO) and production plants in Milan and Lecce in Italy, Monterrey in Mexico and Shanghai in China. It has been operating for over 15 years in the field of lubrication and chemical auxiliaries for machining and industrial processes.
Foundry Alfe CHEM’s Technological Area is unique in its completeness, and ensures coverage of the entire Metal Process Chain: from Foundry and alloy treatment, to the finished product through its unique specialised knowledge of individual production processes. Through the Olitema brand, Foundry Alfe CHEM is also present in the automotive sector.Foundry Alf Chem’s lubricants are conceived, studied and developed through maximum integration with exclusively produced biodegradable raw materials, coming from renewable sources, and able to reduce and certify CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. The starting point is fatty acids derived from oleaginous vegetable substances cultivated in Southern Italy by exploiting the Mediterranean climate.
The name Foundry Alfe Chem wants to represent an explosion from which the company’s peculiar vision originates, which is Life because it is connected to the existence of the universe and the conscious balance of the elements.

Every activity performed nationally and internationally follows the Quality Management System (QMS) protocols used within the ISO 9001:2008 standard.